Welcome to the Holy Family Club

The Holy Family Club officially began on June 15, 1915 with its first formal meeting. On January 26, 1922 the “Holy Family Club” adopted its official Charter of Incorporation and has been an active part of the Nazareth community ever since that time. The founding members of the Club had specific purposes for the Club’s formation. First and foremost the “Club” was founded with the intent of assisting its active members when in time of need. The primary function of the “Club” is to maintain a funeral fund and to render aid in case of sickness or disability to its active members. The official name of the Holy Family Club is the “Holy Family Sick and Relief Society of Nazareth”. The second primary purpose for the formation of the “Club” is for the promotion of Christian life in the spirit of the Roman Catholic Church. The founding members also envisioned a place where they could gather with friends for socialization. Today the Holy Family Sick and Relief Society of Nazareth, now referred to as the “Club” has an active membership of over three hundred members and a social membership of well over two thousand.

The social facility at the “Club” downstairs offers a full service bar, The Holy Grill with daily specials and menu items open daily, billiard table, dartboards, and bowling lanes with automatic scoring. Local bowling leagues make the “Club” their home throughout the year.

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